Guidance of Microbiome
for Human health

Microbiome research and
product development using
human origin probiotics.

Among various probiotics, we know that human
originated probiotics are the most safe and
effective for human health.

  • bifido bgn4
  • bifido bori
  • bifido ad011

Since 1999, we have been
focusing on human gut living

With plenty of experience and expertise in
microbiome research, we are recognized as
specialist on human originated Bifidobacterium.

One-stop industrialization
platform based on
microbiome research.

From the selection of probiotics and
pharmabiotics candidates to the finished
products, we have our own R&D and
industrialization platform

ODM Service

We have plenty of experience on one
stop ODM service for global customers,
and our brand team provides a unique vision
for your market success.


Our fully automated, highly efficient production line
guarantees the best quality product
with the greatest efficacy.

We are at the leading edge of human-health
promoting Bifidobacterium research.

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