Health Analysis

Accrued Bioinformatics
Through Decades


We provide health analysis and microbiome control
solution through intestinal gene profiling using qualitative
NGS and quantitative Q-PCR methods.

  • Fecal sample collection and storage
  • DNA/RNA extraction from sample
  • Next generation sequencing
  • Microbiome data analysis

We provide SNP analysis and curating service based on
DTC genetic analysis.

  • Buccal sample collection and storage
  • DNA extraction from sample
  • SNP analysis

We provide a reliable basis for subsequent prevention
and treatment with leading technologies.

Over 100 kinds of bifido strains have been established through
cutting edge technologies, including NGS. This technology can
also be used to analyze the distribution of human intestinal microorganisms.


Using our tailor-made detection procedure on our own strains, we monitor the microbiome before and after consumption of our probiotics product. Furthermore, we are working on analyzing the human microbiome for the prediction and prevention of gut-related symptoms based on decades of accumulated data.

  • Customer health care through microbiome analysis
  • Accumulate microbiome data for Pharmabiotics development
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