Human living bacteria
Decides who we are

What is

The word microbiome was coined by Joshua Lederberg in 2001. He signified the ecological community of commensal, symbiotic and pathogenic organisms that share our body space. Human Microbiome was defined as the complete genome of all microorganisms in and on the human body.

The role of microbiome
in the human body.

  • Energy absorption from ingested food
  • Body protection from diseases
  • Regulation of blood glucose and body metabolism
  • Regulation of immune system

Microbiome by numbers

What we
do with?

Focusing on mutual relations between the human microbiome and diseases, our job is to analyze the gut microbiome and provide solutions for a better balanced microbiome. We are pursuing personalized microbiome modulation technology to bring about healthier lives for humankind.

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